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Enhancing Management Capability for a Renowned Private University

The Situation

Our Client is one of the first private universities in Vietnam with a scale of 25,000 students and 1,000 teachers. The management board was struggling to manage the rapid growth and education trends, leading to huge deviations and diverse opinions on leadership and management capabilities. They engaged IEG Consulting to help improve their management practices and mitigate expected losses.

The Result

In 09 months, management capabilities got a boost from 25% to 60%, evaluated by an independent third-party assessment organization.

What We Did

  • Leadership & management practices

  • Academic components

  • Corporate functions


  • Different management layers & functions


  • Initiatives implementation

  • Training sessions

  • Change monitoring


In phase one, IEG Consulting conducted a comprehensive multi-stakeholder assessment of the school’s current leadership and management practices. Based on this analysis, our team collaborated with the Client to establish an improvement plan across academic departments and corporate functions.


In the second phase, we designed a management competency framework that suited the context of this system. The framework comprises of comprehensive competencies with a multi-level progression that are specified and tailored for each management layer and function.


From there, we entered the last phase of the transformation program: Execution, Monitoring and Managing. We ran a series of initiatives to achieve transformation on all levels based on the initial framework and periodic tests to measure the change and tailor our approaches accordingly. Throughout the transformation process, we deeply engaged top leaders and key management personnel to spread and maintain sustainable changes among the university’s staff body.

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