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Best Podcast Channels for Educators

Podcasts have become a standard outlet for entertainment and education. When it comes to working in education, there are many outlets to find resources. Being in the education industry, it can be isolating at times. Here are our top 9 podcasts for educators for your listening pleasure.

1. TEDTalks Education

You've seen TEDTalks on a wide variety of topics ranging from gardening to anxiety to leadership, but did you know that there is a specially curated channel just for education topics? TEDTalks Education offers a variety of both veteran and newer educators discussing their craft, tech trends, as well as specific content-based talks.

2. The Science of Happiness

While The Science of Happiness is not specifically created for educators, this podcast series is absolutely great for teachers’ socioemotional wellbeing.

From building healthy relationships with coworkers, finding peace in one’s chaotic minds, or the benefits of music, The Science of Happiness explores research-tested strategies that you can put into practice and live a more fulfilling life. The podcast is hosted by award-winning psychologist Dacher Keltner and co-produced by PRX and UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center.

3. House of EdTech

Ever hear the phrase "you don't know what you don't know?” You may feel that way after a couple of episodes of House of EdTech, a podcast by educator Chris Nesi. If you're a tech junkie, or just beginning to implement technology in your classroom, this podcast offers loads of material on EdTech lesson ideas and projects, as well as the benefits of its use in the classroom. Since the topics are classroom-tested, the ideas and projects presented here hold a lot of weight in their credibility and reliability.

4. EdChat Radio

If you don't have time to scroll through Twitter endlessly looking for education trends, EdChat Radio is the perfect channel for you. The podcast explores hot topics that are on the minds of leading experts in the field of education across the United States. The site is easy to search based on specific topics, presenters, or forums where educators can "ask an expert" about any classroom-based topic they'd like to discuss.

5. ConnectSafely

With the increase in education technology, teachers are now faced with a new host of privacy, security, and digital citizenship lessons that are crucial for students to navigate their digital landscape. ConnectSafely provides a fantastic trove of topics for teachers, students, and parents such as age-appropriate tech gifts, basic internet safety, cyberbullying, and how to connect safely to Wi-Fi in public spaces. Educators often assume that these topics are the responsibility of administrators, parents, or law enforcement officials, but teachers also need to be aware of students' digital footprint, safety, behavior, and security within their classroom.

6. Teachers On Fire

Educators, instructional coaches, principals, and leaders in modern pedagogy have heaps of information littered across Teachers on Fire, where thought-provoking podcasts would be great topics for faculty, department, or professional development meetings. While not every podcast focuses on EdTech, you'll find enough material that focuses on sound, relevant ideas for classroom rules and regulations, student engagement techniques, relationship building, and critical thinking skills that allow educators to build and maintain a solid base while adding new tech tricks.

7. The Transformative Principal

A Podcast that really appeals to Principals and school officials, The Transformative Principal is geared towards how to provide the best quality to your school. If you are a Principal or head of school and need to listen to a true Top Podcasts for educators, then this is yours.

“Most principals are running from one emergency to the next. I help principals find the actions needed to transform their schools so each student has an amazing experience.” – Testimonial of The Transformative Principal

8. Better Leaders Better Schools

What is the phrase? Do the fish stink from the head? Well, Better Leaders Better Schools is the one you need to tune in to as a leader. Leadership can be extremely tough and sometimes isolating. The flagship podcast featuring conversations with leadership experts from inside and outside of education. BLBS offers two types of Podcasts with plenty of episodes to listen to during your commute or on a walk to learn from leaders all over.

9. 10 Minute Teacher Podcast

Are you reading this thinking? I do not have time to listen to all of this, or your commute is only 15 minutes? Then, 10 Minute Teacher Podcast is the one for you! For just a mere 10 minutes and uploaded for 5 days a week, this podcast will fill your daily commute with endless inspiration from educators. The tone of this podcast is inclined on the light-hearted side, with a sprinkle of motivational reminders. If you are an educator feeling in a slump, this is a great listen because it is meant to inspire educators on helping children learn and grow. It is the perfect morning podcast for educators!


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