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Forbes Education Conference 2019: Orienting the Future

Forbes Vietnam Education Conference 2019 by Forbes Vietnam under the theme ORIENTING THE FUTURE is the place for updating the latest developments, trends and changes in the field of education.

With the population ranks third in Southeast Asia, Vietnam has 23.5 million active learners, making education a potential developing sector. In recent years, besides the state-funded public education system, many domestic and foreign investors have continuously poured capital for upgrading facilities and bringing in new curriculums to improve the quality of education. New educational models are imported, aiming to develop comprehensive and diverse skills for future generations.

In addition, recent changes in government policy has helped the non-public education system surging, with strong capitals pouring from foreign and local investors, including leading private Vietnamese corporations.

As the coordinator for the general discussion of the Forbes Vietnam 2019 Education Conference. Dr. Chi Hieu Nguyen - CEO of IEG Education shared the story he himself saw during the consultation process for the schools.

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