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15 Project-based Learning Ideas

Project-based learning has no magic plan you can use to guide you. It’s flexible and it’s a curriculum planning tool that’s often used to “embed” other learning methods like game-based learning, blended learning, place-based learning, and so on.

This means you will need some inspiration to get a first taste of project-based learning. I went through some sites to find some challenging project-based learning examples. Here we go!

  1. Plant and manage a garden to feed local homeless

  2. Design an alert system to halt the spread of a deadly disease

  3. Artfully illustrate the global history of civil rights

  4. Film a documentary on a social issue few people see

  5. Redesign the complete school, including new content areas, grading, collaboration and community involvement

  6. Redesign public transport in your city

  7. Create an interactive family tree with voice-overs from family members.

  8. How to survive on a deserted island? What do you do?

  9. Develop a brand new invention

  10. Plan a school party

  11. Work out a modern school library system that encourages students to read

  12. Create and manage a YouTube channel for a self-determined and authentic purpose

  13. Design a book with educative physical exercises to keep students moving during the day

  14. Help local businesses increase environmental sustainability

  15. Solve your parent’s problem of being too busy.