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Use Graphic Organizers for Effective Teaching and Learning

What are graphic organizers?

Graphic organizers are visual representation of knowledge that structures information by arranging important aspects of a concept or topic into a pattern using labels (Bromley, DeVitis & Modlo, 1999).

What are the benefits of graphic organizers?

Benefits to students:

  • understand the concept of part to whole

  • record relationships

  • clarify and organize ideas

  • improve memory

  • comprehend texts

  • recognize and assimilate different point of view

Benefits to teachers:

  • show and explain relationships between and among content

  • make your lesson interactive

  • help visual learners to acquire information more easily

  • motivate students

  • assist students in pre-writing techniques

  • assess what students know

Some common graphic organizers used in ESL classroom

  • The Venn diagram: to compare and contrast two or more things

  • Time line: to show a sequence of events

  • Sequence chart: to describe a sequence of events or orders in a process

  • K-W-H-L chart: to make students identify their prior knowledge and let them set their own targets and means of learning