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Who we are

IEG Consulting is a management consulting firm dedicated to the education sector in Vietnam and beyond.

Our work covers a wide range of public, private and social sector institutions, spanning from K-12 schools, colleges, education service providers to investors, research institutes and policy makers.

What we do

By leveraging our extensive experiences, diverse talents and shared passion for education, we work with our Clients to develop and implement innovative strategies that fit their organizational contexts, improve their performance metrics and realize their goals.

Our Core Values


IEG Consulting always puts our Clients’ interests and confidentiality upfront. We commit ourselves to sheer honesty and integrity through every step taken.


Quality of work is the top priority of IEG Consulting. We ensure the excellence of our consultancy via in-depth educational insights for Clients’ goals and well-tailored solutions.


From our dynamic pool of professional networks, we continuously extend ourselves to the next level in terms of strategic management, specialized knowledge and educational frontier innovation for practical and enduring impacts.


We uphold our sharing culture by spreading beneficial findings and knowledge to a wide range of stakeholders with the endeavor of creating an innovative and sustainable educational ecosystem.


Board of Directors

img_1489735309_Mr. Hiếu.jpg

Nguyen Chi Hieu, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer

BOD.Nguyễn Chí Trungn.jpg

Nguyen Chi Trung, M.A.


  • has 10 years of experience in education

  • currently acts as senior advisor for leading educational organizations

  • completed LSE BSc. Economics; Stanford Ph.D. Economics; Oxford MBA

  • serves as Chief Finance Officer of IEG Global

  • was regional finance and production manager for a leading foreign conglomerate

  • completed Long Island University M.A. in Accounting and MBA

Ảnh chị Minh Anhs.png

Le Minh Anh, MBA


Anh chi Hoa.jpg

Tran Thi Thanh Hoa


  • serves as Senior Product Manager of IEG Global

  • was a senior associate specializing in market research analytics firm in New York city

  • completed Long Island University MBA

  • serves as Chief Operating Officer of IEG Global

  • worked for 10 years in Advisory at Ernst & Young

anh chi Ha.jpg

Dao Thi Thu Ha, Ph.D.


  • serves as Senior Product Manager of IEG Global

  • serves as Researcher of CNRS France (National Center for Scientific Research)

  • completed University of Paris Ph.D. Computer and Science

Ảnhs chị Ly.jpg

Dinh H. Ly


  • serves as Advisor for K-12 schools, education institutes and organizations in Vietnam and the region

  • had 8 years of global experience working for Morgan Stanley, a leading global investment bank

  • holds a BA (graduated summa cum laude) in Economics with double minors in Math and Applied Statistics

Board of Advisors

Toby Heap.jpg

Toby Heap, Ph.D.


  • serves as Founding Partner of H2 Venture, an independent fintech, data, and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) focused venture capital investment firm

  • serves as member in Strategy & Risk Commitee of Senate & also Strategy Board of University of Sydney

  • completed University of Sydney Ph.D. Thermal Physiology, Artificial Neural Networks


Michael Bailey, Ph.D.


  • serves as Economist and Research Science Manager at Facebook

  • completed Stanford Ph.D. on Economics

anh chi Vu.jpg

Van Vu, MBA


  • serves as CEO of ELSA Corp, a personal virtual pronunciation coach integrated with frontier A.I. technologies

  • completed Stanford GSB MBA and Stanford Graduate School of Education MA

Anu Passi-Rauste.jpg

Anu Passi-Rauste, M.A.


  • serves as Business Developer at Headai

  • granted Eisenhower Fellowship in 2014

  • completed The University of Helsinki MA on Education


Dang H. Dang, Ph.D.


  • serves as Vice Dean of Faculty of Electronics, Information and Telecommunication Technology - Hanoi Open University

  • completed Russia Academy of Science Ph.D. on International Economics

img_1489735295_Trung Hiếu.jpg

Nguyen T. Hieu, Ph.D.


  • serves as Associate Professor of Math & Infomatics at Natural Science University, a member of Hanoi National University

  • completed RWTH Aden University Ph.D. on Mathematics, and MA on Scientific Mathematics in Netherlands

Ảnh chị Quỳnh Chi.jpg

Nguyen Q. Chi


  • serves as Researcher and Program Developer specializing in Social Emotional Learning and Mental Training using Mindfulness Approach

  • is on track to become a certified Mindfulness Instructor by Mindful Schools

  • had 10 years in financial consulting and investments with American and Singaporean companies

  • graduated from Bates College with a double major degree in economics and mathematics

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