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Basic School Processes to be Automated

It is imperative to renovate school operation with automated process. However, prioritizing which should be the first is sometimes confusing and unique to each school’s context. After working with leading educations institutes, we come up with some suggestions that are applicable to many:

1. Students Admission

Electronic application form has been around for many schools, but that is not enough. Schools need to develop pathways for one submitted application to the end results as approved or declined application.

To do that, clear mapping of what type of application should go to which personnel is a must. After each selection round, school could pre-setup automated email to inform applicant of their current status up until the last round. It will help to avoid intelligible handwriting, the manual work of transporting the confidential evaluations to different people and the work of email sending.

After admission, the email can entail the tuition payment methods. A new process starts from there.

2. Maintenance Request

This key activity of a school can cost thousands in low value task. School can formulate list of facilities, pack them in to appropriate groupings and update it online. Administrators can do their check-up regularly and fill replacement form using their phone without the need of emailing.

It helps systemize the school overall condition.

At any given time, facility leaders could get a real-time snapshot of the current condition: the percentage of working facility, the current status of those need replacing and how much time until replacement, what should be prioritized if the budget and/or timing is tight.

3. Field Trip Consent

Leaders can reduce the time waiting for parents’ consent form for children to go on a camping trip. Setting up forms and information that parents might need ahead, then connect those with parents’ information that we collect in the admission phase.

This process can be used for students of all classes. Next time when organizing a recurring trips, head teachers can click a simple button to start the process instead of looking for used information in the growing list of mail or searching for parents’ emails.


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