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Classroom Technology Exhibition 2022: Vietnam Education Market after COVID-19

Classroom Technology Exhibition 2022 (CTE 2022) is the first exhibition of the post-Covid-19 education industry, organized by ClassIn - an organization providing professional online education solutions. The conference gathered more than 15 leading enterprises, managers, and education startups such as Teky, IEG, Hocmai, Do Ventures, etc.

Over the past year and a half, when the epidemic prevented tens of millions of students from going to school, we also witnessed many educational organizations and communities with interesting and effective creative models. One of the examples can be mentioned as Hocmai - which quickly launched a 1-on-1 online class product as soon as the epidemic broke out so that students could continue their learning journey almost without interruption.

"When facing sudden dangers that disrupt teaching, educators need to be more innovative, creative, ready to experience, and absorb new technology to solve problems," Mr. Do Van Nhan, Chief Strategy Officer at ClassIn said.

With the desire to provide a space where educators can meet, share experiences, and present effective educational technology models, ClassIn organizes the Classroom Technology Exhibition 2022 – CTE 2022. The exhibition revolves around this theme: What changes will appear in the post-COVID-19 education sector in Vietnam?

CTE 2022 is a great opportunity for all experts, teachers and educators in both Vietnam and internationally to meet, connect, find new ideas and discuss the future of education, and explore how innovative educational technologies have transformed teaching and learning to the next level.

The exhibition host the participation of many experts, managers, and educators, both local and international. Speakers were gathered from many different sectors and backgrounds to build a comprehensive industry picture, including Dr. Nguyen Chi Hieu - CEO and co-founder of IEG Global - an educational organization in Vietnam with 10 educational projects that have impacted more than 1.5 million students and teachers in more than 1000 schools nationwide.

In addition, the exhibition will also have Mr. Vuong Nhat Anh - a representative from the investment fund Do Ventures - an investor of famous online teaching applications such as Manabie, Vuihoc, Ringle; Ms. Dao Lan Huong - President of Teky - Vietnam's leading STEAM training academy with 16 branches across the country and Mr. Nguyen Ngo - Product development director of Hocmai education system under Galaxy Education.

ClassIn's exhibition speakers will analyze different technology solutions, how they affect students - teachers, and discuss potential models that will become the future of edtech in Vietnam.

At CTE 2022, attendees will also learn first-hand about

  • FPT and BenQ smart classroom and blended learning models

  • Cohota's Learning Management System (LMS) – Top 5 Vietnamese entrepreneurs voted by VnExpress,

  • DotB and OMT presentation on how schools and centers can efficiently manage operations with a customer relationship management (CRM) system designed for education

  • available resources for teaching, provided by reputable educational publishers including Macmillan, OUP, and mangoSTEEMS.


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