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Dr. Nguyen Chi Hieu Speaks at the Talent Education Redefinition Conference | VinUni Conference

Talent always plays a crucial role in the prosperity and future of every nation. In Vietnam, the development of specialized and high-quality secondary schools, talented bachelor's programs at universities, and talent scholarship programs sponsored by enterprises demonstrate society's great concern for talent. However, Vietnam holds just a modest ranking in the Global Talent Competitiveness Index. The ability of talented graduates to meet the recruitment needs of prestigious companies and the admission requirements of excellent universities remains limited.

At the conference, Dr. Nguyen Chi Hieu (founder of IEG Global) shares on the topic "The Role of Lecturers in Talent Education." Additionally, Dr. Hieu will discuss "Talent Development Initiatives" alongside Professor Thomas Hatch from Columbia University.

Dr. Nguyen Chi Hieu holds a Bachelor's degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science (UK), a PhD from Stanford University (USA), an MBA from Oxford University (UK), and is currently completing a Master's degree in Philosophy and Education at Columbia University (USA). He is a leading expert in Vietnamese education, having directly built and developed over 100 educational institutions, including compulsory education, colleges and universities, and non-profit organizations. His work spans from elite education models to mass education, including designing educational institutions, building new facilities, restructuring, product development research, professional improvement, general management, financial and corporate strategy, and system management.

Currently, Dr. Hieu manages three different school systems with a total of 15,000 students within five years. He has experience teaching all levels, from primary, secondary, and higher education to professional training courses across various fields. Dr. Hieu is a pioneering educator in Vietnam, prominently featured in the media, and has published many educational books that are well-received in Vietnam.


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