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FCE Summit: A Closer Look at Vietnam Education Landscape

Thap Lua, held by For Children Education Vietnam (FCE Vietnam), is a summit of 140+ seasoned and leading thinkers in Education, across sectors in Vietnam. In these conferences, participants are guided to look at multiple aspects in Education through lens of business, technology, and beyond to collectively discuss and ideate innovative solutions to their challenges at hands.

A Shift in Measuring Students' Performance

For many participants, one of the main concerns is how to hone students' ability towards an uncertain future without being over-reliant on scores. To answer this question, Dr. Nguyen Chi Hieu presents a framework to "measure students' readiness for life" that proven effective and based on rigorous academic foundation.

"I believe this framework has showed us a critical view when looking at our schools' performance. We can use it and quantitatively measure students' maturity without using their scores - something that sound conflicting, but it's true. With this new tool, I'm sure that we, as school leaders, can all be clearer when setting milestones, getting to goals - be it operational or academic", Ms. Chu Cam Tho.

Amid the rapid changes of the world, Mark Shayer (BVIS) reminded everyone to lay our focus on the ultimate goal of a school is promoting students' growth. Adults, especially who are in education must take the lead to create a type of education where everyone could actualize their potentials, regardless of their background or unique circumstance.

The Connectedness of Education

In the following sections, Dr. Do Ngoc Minh (VinUni), Dr. Nguyen Phu Khanh (Phenikaa Education) and other management experts, Ms. Duong Thanh Tam, Ms. Truong Ly Hoang Phi in turn share their view on Education and its intricate links to other industries.

This summit initiates a network of Educators without Borders of 140+ members from all parts of the Education System. The group's action plan includes a series of school tours, capacity building workshops and initiatives that enhance teaching quality of Vietnam in the following years.


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