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Fulbright University Vietnam launched Coca-Cola Leadership Program

From May 08 to 13, 2022, at Fulbright’s Crescent campus, the Coca-Cola Leadership Program was designed and delivered by the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI) to 22 young leaders, who were functional experts with years of experience in management-level positions with high prospect to take on senior leadership roles at Coca-Cola Vietnam. The rigorous training presented new tools and knowledge, which included core leadership and management competencies, comprehensive business insights, effective management approaches, strategy-driven decision making, and global business leadership, to help participants create meaningful change within their organizations.

A bootcamp experience

During the 5-day bootcamp program, the 22 participants immersed in a full-time learning experience, which they learned and stayed together at the campus and the Waterfront Residence respectively. Embedding inquiry-based learning into the core of its innovative pedagogical methods, the program engaged participants by making real world connections through exploration and high-level questioning, thus, encouraging self-study and activating the problem-solving mindset via experiential learning, reflection, and knowledge transfer.

The program was delivered by the most senior lecturers at Fulbright University Vietnam and distinguished guest speakers from a diverse number of industries including education, technology, entrepreneurship and coaching, which enabled participants’ exposure to multi-dimensional perspectives and practical approaches in order to solve problems in different fields at numerous stages of their organizational development.

As the program’s chief instructor who collaborated with the CEI from the very first stage of the curriculum development, Dr. Nguyen Chi Hieu, CEO and Co-founder of IEG Global and also an adjunct faculty member in Economics at Fulbright University Vietnam, shared: “We first assessed the strengths and weaknesses, as well as the development potential of mid-managers who had great potential to take on senior leadership roles in Vietnam-based enterprises. Then, based on the international executive training syllabus whose effectiveness had been proven, we developed our modules to provide participants with the essential skills to solve problems that aligned with the global business evolution, while highlighting particularly factors in the Vietnamese business environment and human resource management”.

In his lectures, Dr. Nguyen Chi Hieu constantly asked participants to solve real world business problems in different industries such as retail, aviation, cosmetics, and fashion, operating in different regions around the globe. Laden with practical business cases, Dr. Nguyen Chi Hieu also urged participants to shape their own leadership style while allowing space for flexibility in unforeseen crises.

Enhance leadership and management competencies

Besides offering structured business knowledge, the Coca-Cola Leadership Development Program also brought about lectures to enhance leadership and management competencies which were delivered by expert coaches. Coach Luong Ngoc Tien – Founder of One Life Connection Training & Consultancy, impressed participants with her session on mindfulness leadership, its implementation to self-discovery, self-awareness, and mindfulness practice, hence, nurturing compassion, enlightening, and wisdom to face every challenge in life.

The program also invited many special guest speakers, among them Mr. Hoang Nam Tien – Chairman of the Board at FPT Telecom, Mr. Vu Thanh Cong – Vice President of Product & Customer Experience at Mservice (MoMo Ewallet), Ms. Truong Ly Hoang Phi – CEO of Vintech City, Founder and CEO of Business Startup Support Centre and Mr. Ryan Galloway – Country Director at Funding Societies Vietnam. With valuable insider business information from their many years of accumulated experience in leadership roles among numerous industries, they brought the program up to a new level by stimulating participants’ exposure to real world insights ranging from innovation, design thinking to the psychology of leadership.

Incubate and accelerate Vietnamese ventures

The Coca-Cola Leadership Program was given a Net Promoter Score of 4.7, with a 4.9 out of 5 going to the organizational quality and training activities on the last day.

Mr. Pham Quynh, a participant who is the Digital Solutions Manager at Coca-Cola Vietnam shared: “I highly appreciate how interconnected the program was designed, from the problems that we need to find a feasible solution for, to a spiderweb of insights from different business aspects at any stage of the product life cycle, to coaching sessions in which we practiced our coaching and management competencies. Instead of being just a functional manager within our team, we were put in the shoes of a leader who need to solve unprecedented challenges for the whole organization.”

About The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI) is Fulbright University Vietnam’s first University Center.

The CEI is Fulbright’s flagship effort to embed entrepreneurship and innovation into the core of Fulbright’s culture and academic program. The CEI also offers impactful learning opportunities on entrepreneurship and innovation for stakeholders across Vietnamese society and the region, including non-Fulbright students, professionals, startups, companies, and members of the general public. In time, as both the CEI and Fulbright University Vietnam grow, the CEI will incubate and accelerate ventures going after Vietnam and the region’s toughest challenges.


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