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National Geographic Learning: Building Authentic Voices for Global Students

On June 3rd, Duy Tan University and National Geographic Learning cohosted the “Building Authentic Voices for Global Students” conference in Da Nang city. This is a great opportunity for English educators and professors at universities to attend and connect with fellow colleagues in the field and learn about best practices in English language teaching and empower students to succeed beyond the classroom.

In this conference, Dr. Nguyen Chi Hieu, CEO of IEG Global has the opportunity to share his insight on developing original thinking in student communication. Details of the session can be found below.

How to Develop Original Thinking in Student Communication

What do today’s English learners need to be ready for the future? Strong critical thinking, unlocked creativity, clear communication skills, a solid understanding of social-emotional learning, and the ability to speak with their own voice. In this session, Dr. Hieu will discuss what educators can do to equip students with these vital skills. We’ll look at how English language teaching today has evolved, and most importantly we’ll discuss how we can transform the way we teach as we look to the future.

------ Dr. Chi Hieu Nguyen holds a bachelor’s degree from London School of Economics (UK), a Ph.D. from Stanford University (USA) and an MBA from University of Oxford (UK). He is an expert in the education sector and has set up and transformed more than 100 K-12 schools, colleges, education institutes, and non-profit organizations, ranging from boutique models to big-scale systems.

Dr. Nguyen has taught the entire range of primary, middle, high school, college and graduate students across multiple subjects. He has trained over 25,000 teachers in K-12 and colleges and is known for introducing and scaling innovative teaching practices that are deeply rooted in academic research, adapted with contextual insights, and highly effective in practice.


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