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The Green Way - Curriculum to Change The World

*Picture taken from Green School Bali facebook page.

In our previous article about Green School Bali, we have talked about the impressive architecture of the school, built entirely from locally-sourced bamboo. Yet, the school’s design is not the only thing that sets Green School out from other institutions in Bali. Revolving around the idea of social sustainability, the instructional design of Green School is an impressive take on sustainable learning.

Acknowledging that the gap between what students typically learn and what the world needs has never been greater, Green School founders have been developing an eccentric learning programme. The curriculum aligns with the educational philosophy “learning by doing”, as it combines strong connection to the local community and its emphasis on “doing”.

At most schools you learn about making a bridge in a book. At progressive schools, you maybe make it out of matchsticks or carve it out of soap. At Green School, you actually just go and make it. Leslie Medema, Principal of Green School Bali

How exactly do they do that? Indeed, the school has adopted a thematic-based curriculum, with cross-department projects and lots of hands-on experience. Here is an overview of Green School Bali middle school learning programme, where the school representative explains three pillars of curriculum: thematic-based, proficiency-based and


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