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Enhancing teachers' performance by data-driven strategies

The Situation

Our Client is a private K-12 school system of more than 27,000 students spanning across 32 schools. Over the years, they have experienced a rapid growth rate, resulting in the establishment of new schools and a rocketing number of new teachers. This growth poses serious challenges in monitoring the performance of hundreds of teachers. IEG Consulting joined this process to help solidify and scale up this evaluation process.


Teachers’ performance is collected systematically and transparently; is being used as guidance for their tailored professional development journey.

  • Information flow is streamlined and prioritized to help head quarter provides necessary intervene.

  • On a monthly basis, data from all schools across stakeholders were processed and visualized under 4 days for strategic reports, which allows schools to assess their conditions in comparison with their counterparts and significantly reduces the time for problem-solution process.
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