How an Edtech Startup Democratizes Quality Learning Contents across Vietnam

IKEMSO is an Edtech startup focusing on delivering massive and personalized learning materials to students from different backgrounds, in-or-out of brick and mortar classrooms. Leveraging technology, they can connect seamlessly to both school’s existing systems and serve as an independent learning platform to provide students with tailored learning journeys.


Young learners in Vietnam, especially outside of big cities, still have difficulties accessing diverse and high-quality educational resources that are tailored to their needs. The gap of quality education varies not only among different provinces and cities, but also across different schools within a province.

Many students still do not have access to sufficient, high-quality, systemized and internationally benchmarked K-12 contents, especially at low costs. The root causes include the ubiquitous income gap, incompatible economic growth rates within Vietnam, the limitation of content R&D capabilities, and the lack of adaptive learning management systems.

The problems are intensified for public schools, big-sized classes and disadvantaged social-economic groups. This further leads to unequal opportunities in children's later life and the gap we mentioned earlier keeps widening. The vicious circle continues.

Covid-19 exacerbated all of these problems when all schools were forced to go with the only viable option: Online Learning. We, at IKEMSO, see this challenge as opportunities to reimagine how we learn.


Starting out as a small online platform for students to develop their mathematical skills, we see it outgrew its promises when lots of students from underserved communities leveraged it and became top scorers in the IKMC (International Kangaroo Math Contest) in Vietnam. From that ground, we believe that accessibility to quality materials could abridge lots of existing gaps in the Education landscape.

IKEMSO platform offers students from all backgrounds and schools of all segments the gateway to high-quality and effective personalized teaching-learning resources that are closely aligned to the national curriculum and benchmarked with international standards.