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IEG Consulting Facilitates Successful Training with Oxford University Press and The OIS

In August, IEG Consulting successfully facilitate a significant collaboration between Oxford University Press (OUP) and The OIS school to hold a special training program: Symposium. This program was for teachers and staff from schools in northern Vietnam that are currently implementing the Oxford International Curriculum (OIC).

The training focused on three main ideas: Nurturing creativity, Inspiring learning, and Shaping the future. International education experts from OUP shared useful lessons and practical teaching methods. They aimed to improve the quality of teaching in six subjects: Wellbeing (social and emotional skills), Global Skills, Computing, Science, Mathematics, and English. The goal was to guide educators in fostering lifelong happiness and sustainable values in students, preparing them to become adaptable and talented global citizens.

Participating primary schools with the OIC program are working to develop a comprehensive Wellbeing curriculum for students. This includes academic activities, extracurricular activities, and using school facilities to support learning. The schools are dedicated to creating a balanced and stimulating environment. They want to make learning enjoyable for every student, helping them reach their full potential in all areas of life.

Teachers are divided into groups for a collaborative activity

This training is an important step in improving education, promoting overall development, and ensuring that students receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for the future.


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