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National Careers Guidance: Bridging Educators - Learners - Business Owners

Song An's National Conference on Careers Guidance is the intersection among Educators - Learners/Workers - Business Holders. With a diverse list of 16 industry leaders, this conference attracts thousands of people to join and explore other possibilities that these three groups can bring to the VUCA world.

The Realities

At the beginning, experts shared there concerns and solutions in three broad trends:

  • Learners/Workers' Side: There is a gap between what they have with what real-life businesses actually need. They need to put in extra effort first to understand the gap, and then seek ways to narrow it down.

  • Educators' Side: On this gap-narrowing journey, Educators should help and encourage students to have better exposure to the real-world. They can do that by fostering skill-specific course and forming professional networks with the business world.

  • Bussiness Owners' Side: They should look into the Vietnamese coming workforce as a promising talents' pool, and come up with strategy to leverage it, both through increase in recruiting numbers and professional development programs.

Following this thread, Michelle R. Weise (the author of Long Life Learning: Preparing for Jobs that Don't even Exist Yet) shows a U.S.'s case study on this. She concluded that we need to shift our attention to a group of human skills as the foundation, and build up your technical prowess after each work transition.

Although Learners/Workers are at the heart of this transition, all three of the mentioned party should all sit down and re-imagine a ecosystem that thrives. In that scenario, job-seekers can gain easy access to working opportunities that offer steep learning curve and drive them forwards.

As a Learner, what should I prepare?

In this session, Dr. Nguyen Chi Hieu (CEO, IEG Consulting) and Mr. Pham Van Anh (Chairman, ECO Vietnam Group) shared their views:

Learners/Workers should focus on developing their adaptability, the ability to connect their personal needs to that of the current markets, the life-long learning attitude, emotional intelligence, learning from failures, and problem solving.
Eudcators should stop pushing for memorization of knowledge, and help students to build learning capacity for anything they desire to learn. Besides, educators should find way to students to connect with themselves, and build their own motivation to pursuit their unique dreams.

Dr. Nguyen Chi Hieu later guides the audience through the history of Education to the future working world. As schools gained its popularity largely through the Industrial Revolution. The exponential growth of schools was the direct response to the labor needs of that particular period. The purposes were to creative a huge amount of identical products, human included.

Entering the 21st century with the Creative Bloom, educators must find ways to breath fresh air into traditional, industrial-like classrooms. First few efforts could start from re-building the curriculum/lesson with topics of students' best interests, integrating new teaching techniques that cultivate independent thinking, and such.


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