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Seminar with LittleLives Vietnam: Online learning, what do schools still lack?

Because of Covid, many schools went online, forcing students, parents and teachers to scramble to adapt to the new style of learning. Recent surveys show that 74% children were not able to adapt to online learning, and 57% students found online lessons to be harder than in traditional classrooms.

However, trends show that online teaching and learning will be here to stay, with the market for education technology expected to grow 20 times by 2025

94% new tech users of said they will continue using at least one online service after Covid is over. Schools have been slow in their digitization process. So, what can we do to make sure that students are not affected even further?

In an online seminar co-hosted by LittleLives and IEG Consulting in September 2021, Dr. Chi Hieu Nguyen, CEO of IEG Consulting, pointed out that despite tremendous improvements in other aspects, when it comes to online teaching and learning, schools are still lacking:

  • Comprehensive control of teaching methods and management

  • Automated grading and analytics

  • Online classroom with integrated support for interactive/multimedia content

  • A comprehensive suite of solutions for reporting/tracking, students management, and data management

Keeping these pain points in mind, we have developed two new products to provide schools with better teaching & learning tools, as well as better and more transparent data for more informed management decisions: IKEMSO and TAT.

IKEMSO is a fully integrated teaching & learning solution, which combines teaching tools, pre-created content, and LMS features (LMS stands for Learning Management System - an LMS typically provides means to track content, monitor students’ grades and progress, manage data and generate meaningful reports).

TAT stands for Teaching Assessment Tool, and is a dedicated software for teaching quality control and quality assurance. Schools are shifting from a traditional focus on controlling student outcomes to a new focus on controlling the process of teaching and learning, and TAT provides a means to track lesson plans, record classroom observations, provide teachers with meaningful feedback, and generate reports. Not only a tool, TAT also comes with a pre-built, research-based, highly customizable set of classroom observation criteria, developed with real data and feedback from schools by the team at IEG Consulting.

Covid brought us many challenges and difficulties, but in many ways it also highlighted deeply rooted issues with our current systems and ways of doing things. As the pandemic slowly passes, shouldn’t we try not to let things fall right back to where they were?


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