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The OIS Schools: Oxford International Curriculum Signing Ceremony

On December 28, the signing ceremony to recognize the implementation of the Oxford International Study Program from the academic year 2022 - 2023 at The OIS Schools was carried out between Oxford University Press - University of Oxford, UK, and The OIS Schools in an online format.

The ceremony took place solemnly with the special participation of the delegates, including:

  • Mr. Luke Sweetman – Director of Global Partnerships, Oxford Education

  • Ms. Nguyen Minh Hang – Program Consultant, Oxford University Press (OUP)

  • Mr. Do Tuan Trung – CEO of The OIS Schools

  • Ms. Pham Thi Minh An – Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of The Olympia Schools

  • Mr. Nguyen Chi Hieu – CEO of IEG Global Education Organization, Member of School Advisory Council

  • Mr. Mark Olive and Mr. Nguyen Phuc Minh – Directors of MPN + Partners.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Mr. Luke Sweetman - Oxford Education's Head of Global Partnership emphasized: As the University of Oxford and OIS Schools share the mission and values with this partnership, both organizations will benefit as they commit to providing a better quality of education for its students.

The Oxford International Program implemented by OIS will not only improve students' study skills but also help them gain basic skills and understanding of their own health, thereby giving them confidence and the ability to deal with any challenges in the future.

On the school side, Mr. Nguyen Chi Hieu said: At OIS, the mission of educators is to create generations of leaders with not only knowledge and skills but also character, empathy, and kindness. With that being said, our children can grow up living meaningful and happy lives and contributing to a better world. Together with OUP and the OIC program, OIS believes that the vision and mission of both organizations will be realized when jointly nurturing future leaders.

Mr. Mark Olive, representative of MPN + Partners, who designed the architecture for OIS, expressed his feelings at the event: “I and Mr. Minh (Director of MPN + Partners) are beneficiaries of the UK education system and we are delighted to see British education being adopted globally, which is a sign of positive development. We hope that OIS will be an ideal place to enrich students' knowledge at an early age and create future study opportunities at the University of Oxford.

The Oxford International Curriculum (OIC) was created with a happy learning approach, focusing on student health and developing global skills across subjects. The program is developed by Oxford University Press (OUP), one of the largest university publishers in the World and a member of the University of Oxford. OUP operates on a mission to realize the university's goals in research, scholarship, and education through publications published worldwide.

On the journey to becoming a partner of OUP, The OIS Schools have constantly strived to meet the standards of infrastructures, facilities, personnel, and training to provide students with a comfortable learning space and comprehensive knowledge that are up to international standards. With the companion and direct professional support from the Education Experts of the University of Oxford, The OIS Schools curriculum is built synchronously, ensuring a coherent and consistent transition at all levels and stages of the educational journey.

After completing the program, OIS students will receive a certificate from OUP - Oxford University and have enough knowledge base to participate in globally valuable international exams such as GCSE (IGCSE), AS, and A-Level.

Through the implementation of the Oxford International Program, The OIS Schools affirms its mission and values that students will confidently go out into the world to become happy and successful global citizens.


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