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Webinar Recap: Thoughtful Leadership - Effective Strategies for Student-Centered Learning

On January 20th, Dr. Nguyen Chi Hieu (CEO, IEG Consulting) had an in-depth discussion with ClassIn's Lingyue Zheng about the topic of Effective Strategies for Student-Centered Learning, as part of ClassIn's Thoughtful Leadership webinar series. During this interview, he shared actionable strategies, alternative modes of assessment, and existing challenges for students across different age groups.

Dr. Nguyen Chi Hieu touched on how students from different grades need different approaches to teaching and learning, and emphasized on the common need to build characters for students regardless of age. Talking about how to conduct assessments in a Student-Centered Learning (SCL) environment, he advocated for formative assessment: "I’m really thinking about challenges and projects that I can read and see individuality in each student." He proceeded to discuss other assessment methods, as well as how to overcome difficulties in implementing SCL both inside and outside of the classroom. At the end of the interview, after fielding questions from the audience and providing some much-needed guidance, he heartwarmingly encouraged teachers to "keep doing what we are doing."

Read the full interview recap here.


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