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Wrapping Up 2020: Our Gratitude

Dear our beloved educators, parents, friends, and families,

Today is the last day of 2020.

Though it was expected as the great beginning of a new decade, 2020 did not quite turn out to be what we have envisioned.

For the first time, breathing is a privilege.

Being with your loved ones is a privilege.

Having a job is a privilege.

Many of us have to overcome emotional turmoil as we said our last farewell to families and friends. Many of us lost our jobs, our financial stability, yet still had to be strong in front of our children. It certainly took a toll on our mental health, and we were hoping you could take this moment to rethink, reflect, and look forward.

For IEG Consulting, 2020 has been a year of growth. Our editorial team has doubled in number, and we managed to synthesize and publish weekly. From curriculum design to school transformation, our topics range from current issues in global education to making sense of the ever-changing educational landscape in Vietnam.

In 2021, we will continue to provide you with in-depth analysis of international research, practice, case studies, innovative education design, and pedagogies in other fields.

In the face of a global pandemic and political uncertainty, we want to introduce you to this video, sourced and made by the Greater Good Science Center, titled “Be Kinder to Yourself.”

You have done a great job this year. Despite all these challenges, you are still here, working towards our students' best interests. On behalf of the IEG Consulting team, I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year.

Let's look forward to 2021, as we will override the challenges and bring in changes that we wish to see.


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