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Measuring the Right Components to Boost Teaching Effectiveness

The Situation

Our Client is one of the first and longest-standing after-school language centers in Vietnam, with 07 product lines and 70,000+ students. The Client was entering a new phase of growth and innovation with unprecedented challenges in maintaining and upgrading the quality across the entire system of 1,000+ teachers in more than 20 locations.

The Result


boost on teaching quality

Within 06 months, the teaching quality increased by 60% in accordance to internal quality control data, and by 50% in accordance to an external quality assurance party.

What we did

Initially, we carried out a multi-stakeholder analysis and class observations to gather insights about the current situation of teaching and learning qualities. From such insights, we worked with the Client to identify desired outcomes for teaching and learning, based on which we designed a teacher competency framework to be used for teacher observation, evaluation, professional development and systemic improvements in teaching quality.


Besides, we redesigned the entire quality control management system to aim for timely and consistent data collection for analysis and solution designs. After 03 rounds of pilot, feedback collection and impact measurement, we packaged the entire quality control management system to be launched into the entire system. The teacher professional development program was designed, launched, continuously monitored and timely updated in conjunction to support the growth of teachers’ competencies.


We continue to periodically consult for and train the entire Academic Management to improve the system’s teaching and learning quality using the newly designed quality control management system.

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