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Enhancing Teacher Performance by Data-driven Strategies

The Situation

Our Client is a private K-12 school system of more than 27,000 students spanning across 32 schools. Over the years, they had experienced a rapid growth rate, resulting in the establishment of new schools and a rocketing number of new teachers. This growth posed serious challenges in monitoring the performance of thousands of teachers. IEG Consulting joined to help them solidify and scale up this quality control and quality assurance process.

The Result


teachers' performance

is evaluated monthly.


increase in fundamental skills

of Classroom Management


boost on effectiveness while communicating with students


rise in the rate of teachers meeting standard within 4 months (from 23% to 80%)

What we did




The first challenge to be solved was how to assess the dynamic styles of teachers across regions and grades. Understanding that teaching kindergarteners requires vast different skillsets compared to teaching high-schoolers, we decided to shift the focal point from teachers’ techniques to student acquisition. From there, we developed a single framework to judge teacher’s performance within their system to ensure equality and consistency across the entire system.


To speed up the transformation, we developed a digital platform for instant reporting. On the input end, teachers’ performance was judged on the prior framework by specialists, then recorded through a mobile app. The data was then selected and processed into reports for strategic planning and problem-solving process. 


These reports showcased comprehensive information on different layers (all-school-level, single-school-level, grade-level, individual-level), which enabled systematic solutions as well as specific improvement plans for any particular school.


To ensure the implementation success, we held multiple training sessions to familiarize all stakeholders with these changes; our Quality Assurance team visited and collaborated with all school campuses to guarantee the standard were held in a consistent manner throughout the Client’s system.


After the first diagnostic run, teachers were given their tailored PDMs to help them clearly understand the expectation. Those PDMs were designed to be constantly adapting to teachers’ latest data, giving teachers the materials needed to excel at those given goals.

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