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Infusing Innovative Cultures into a 20-year School System

The Situation

A long-standing school system of 4 locations and 7,000 students suffered a stagnant in innovation practices, resulting in the student-out-transfer rate of 10%. They asked IEG Consulting to help them renovate the entire system to catch up with newly-developed schools.

The Result


curriculums were renovated

Within 03 years, the entire curriculums across subjects were renovated and imbedded with innovative practices. 

students out-transfer rates


Due to changes in both used materials and teaching pedagogies, the student out-transfer rate gradually dropped to 04%.

of teachers meets all innovative standards


Teachers were trained intensively, resulting in the rate of them meeting all innovative standards  that reached 90%.

What we did

To understand the competitive edges of other education systems, we conducted a competitor analysis on all three segments (schools of the lower, similar and higher segment). Our research indicated that the main gaps among our client and its competitors lay upon both the product (curriculums, textbooks, and supplementary materials) and academic aspects (pedagogy practices).

In the light of these findings, our experts worked with the client to specify windows for renovation. Then we integrated some innovation components that were on par with competitors', but still matched the system’s current context.

To ensure implementation success, we further restructured the management hierarchy, leadership packages and operations with the principles of kaizen to push the system to constantly reinvent itself.

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