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Implementing Product & Academic Innovations to Boost Teaching Quality

The Situation

A recent-established private school found itself struggling while helping students meet their learning expected outcomes. Along with a massive influx of new teachers, this school suffered from escalating complaints from parents and considerable rate of school transfers.

The Result


deduction on

parents' complaint rates

The average number of complaints from parents per month in the entire school regarding the curriculum has dropped from 85 to only 05.

students out-transfer rates


The out-transfer rate of students has dropped from 10% to below 1% after one school year.

boost on teaching quality


The teaching quality of teachers has increased by 200% according to evaluations by an independent third-party organization.

What we did

After the initial assessment, we soon figured out that the school managing board was right about the impact of new teacher on the delivery of the lesson. However, after further diagnosis, we discovered that the root cause actually was the inconsistency among curriculums of different levels.

The first key step we took was to streamline the existing curriculums, to map school goals towards teaching and learning outcomes for each grade and each lesson. This guaranteed a consistent delivery across teachers and grades.

To ensure the delivery of new curriculums go as expected, multiple professional development training programs for teachers were conducted, from onboarding to on-the-job and reskilling components across academic years. We designed, monitored and innovated the quality control system to build sustainable systematic support and improvement on teaching quality and learning outcomes.

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