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Redirecting Market Approach for a World-class Publishing House

The Situation

A world-class publishing house with more than 1 million textbook-users in Vietnam was facing challenges expanding their current market within the private sector. They asked IEG Consulting to design, execute and service strategic partnerships with newly emerging educational systems, ranging from 10,000 to 100,000 students.

The Result



Within 03 months, the Client succeeded in entering 04 of the biggest education systems in Vietnam with the total numbers of the current students of 200,000



These organizations currently process the potential growth of 750K students over the next 03 years

What we did

We worked closely with our Client to gather and analyze insights into potential customers. Beginning with a market analysis, we figured out several pain points of big education systems that were overlooked by international publishing houses. Our team then analyzed the gaps between the publisher’s prior offerings and real needs of potential customers.


We leveraged those insights to re-design the market approach and service offering packages. In collaboration with our Client, we executed the newly-adjusted business development plan targeting the emerging market segment. We continue to deliver and manage Academic and Product components for these customers on behalf of our Client.

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