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Redesigning Curriculums for

a Leading Private K-12 School 

The Situation

Our Client is a 1000-student K-12 school with a license to design and operate curriculum on its own, blending both international and Vietnamese curriculum. Their goal is to create a quality program that is on par with top international schools in Vietnam and beyond.

This opportunity posed great challenges. For the first few years, this school had yet to marshal diverse kinds of curriculum to form its own unique program and gain recognition from the international community. Thenceforth, an increasing number of students decided to transfer to international schools. This put extra pressure on not just the management board but also teachers and other operational staff, which caused serious damage to the school's overall performance.

The Result

Within a year, consistency was achieved in designing, delivering and monitoring learning objectives, leading to streamlined curriculums satisfying both domestic and international standards.


Within a year, the curriculums focused on tailored approaches for different student tracks, leading to better performances on all metrics, with 98% student retention rate, compared to 70% in the previous year.

Curriculim Redesign_01.png

What we did

Working closely with our Client, we conducted a series of interviews with executives and other stakeholders including students, parents, and teachers to clearly define the expectation and obstacles of each group. Thenceforth, our experts started to analyze the curriculums’ structure and goals; classroom flows of different subjects; teachers' and students’ learning materials.


The report yielded important insights: There were particular gaps to be abridged between curriculums of the primary, middle, and high schools within the client's system; Curriculums of many subjects needed to be innovated beyond language proficiency goals or memorization techniques.

After the initial diagnosis, we partnered with schools’ academic board to renovate the curriculums to blend both standards of Vietnamese MOET and U.S. - Canada accreditation organization consistently across subjects and grades; integrate lifelong learning and character-building goals into the curriculums.

To ensure the implementation success, we held a train-the-trainer workshop to prepare all teachers with tools and techniques to approach the newly-developed curriculums. We also prepared our client a whole Quality Control System to guarantee and constantly upgrade their delivery and learning outcomes across the board.

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