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Establishing a New Top-notch School in Hanoi

The Situation

A group of investors is aiming to build a top-notch K-12 school system in Hanoi that comprises of three different tracks: Vietnamese, bilingual and fully international. The Client approached IEG Consulting for a full-scope consulting service from site choosing, school model design and creation to strategic management and daily school operations with a potential scale of 6,000 students.

What we did

This project is divided into 04 phases,


Phase 1: School Model Establishing

We started with establishing the investment model; strategy and corporate finance; and governmental filings. Upon agreement, we then proceeded to conduct market research, land purchasing and construction.


Phase 2: Academic Program Design

We designed the organizational hierarchy that fits the culture of innovation and continuous improvement for a K-12 school system that comprises of multiple tracks for students. At the same time, our education experts started to design the program main pillars, matching the school’s missions and desired outcomes that balance both top-notch academic rigor and sustainable business metrics.


Phase 3: Professional Development

We designed, executed and managed an e-learning Professional Development platform, rooted in rigorous academic research and highly effective practices, to be used for all leaders, managers, teachers and staff in both educational and functional knowledge. The goal is to help all internal stakeholders stay ahead of global trends and frontiers while continuously improving and mastering practices for the best teaching-learning and service quality possible.


Phase 4:  Quality Control and Quality Assurance

We designed, executed and managed a quality control – quality assurance system for the entire school, one that leverages the power of timely data and technological assistance to support experts and managers in gathering and analyzing insights, designing both systemic and tailored solutions as well as delivering and monitoring the performance of these solutions.

The Result


It is achieved due to a significant shorten filing process and construction time from a typical 03-year time frame in total to just 20 months.

Network Establishment

A strategic partnership was successfully initiated and quickly established with one of the first and leading private schools in Hanoi for model replication and innovation.

Enrolment Target

The school is currently well on track of meeting its enrolment target for the first year in operation, which is to reach one-third of its maximum capacity.

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