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Preparing a new school system for its launch in a Tier-2 province in Vietnam

What we did

We focused on 03 main tasks:

  • Build the strategic direction for the school and all operations in accordance, ranging from architecture and facilities to academic content and day-to-day operation system 

  • Design the entire curriculums and professional development process to transfer and train the school team within 03 years 

  • Design an entire operation system, both educational and service aspects; and transfer that to the school team within 01 year 

To institutionalize these changes, the IEG Consulting team helped monitor, support and train the school team over 03 years to ensure consistent delivery of teaching, learning and service quality in accordance with the school's strategic direction and model design.

The Situation

Our client aimed to build a private K-12 school system for a Tier-2 province in Northern Vietnam. After choosing the site, they asked IEG Consulting to help design the school model and its 360-degree operation, from academic content to service offerings.

The Result

01 Year

in preparation before launching

capacity is filled within 2 months

after the launching


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