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Expanding a Kindergarten by Renovating its Brand

The Situation

An international kindergarten looked for the expansion from its first site of 100 students. They called IEG Consulting to help to address the internal and external, challenges they might face when entering this new phase.

The Result


different branches

Within 02 years, the kindergarten has built 04 branches, achieving operational break-even within 3 months and reaching full capacity per branch within 1 year.

fully accredited international Training Center


The kindergarten becomes a leading institute within its segment, establishing a fully-accredited international training center for teachers and staff from other schools and organizations.



The kindergarten has gained sufficient investment for expansion into different branches and vertical investment into primary, middle and high school.

What we did

The 2-year-project began with a deep analysis of our client's internal operating system. Based on these insights, our team figured out there was a lack of operating system and internal control in order to ensure efficient replication of the successful first branch; the academic direction and quality control procedure were not strong enough to uphold the rising national and international standards. Followed by thorough market research, we further acknowledged that this brand equity was constantly challenged by similar, new and well-established kindergarten systems in the region.

Partnered with our client’s executive board, we systemized and renovated the entire operating system, both in academic and service aspects. Procedures were conducted in a scalable manner to ensure the school was ready for replication into multiple branches within and beyond the current market geography.

We redesigned and monitored a new line of curriculums integrated with clear linguistic objectives and real-life skills that strived for both national and global standards. Teachers were coached and monitored on a regular basis to ensure their delivery of our innovative program.

After the internal restructuring, we implemented a change in strategic direction, and navigated its positioning from current competitors. Branding campaigns were organized to boost its presence across different markets and segments. With the new standing, we built the financial control system and facilitated the fund-raising process to allow market expansion.

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