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Transforming an International Mathematics Assessment to Radically Transform its Size

The Situation

An international Mathematics Assessment aimed to bring a new mindset of assessment that differs from the traditional rote learning and test taking approaches, and focused more on critical thinking and creativity for students. After 03 years, the construction of its educational content and technical infrastructure failed to take off, only reaching 1,500 students per year in Hanoi.

The Result


Within 03 years, the assessment has grown in traction, bringing in beyond 25,000 participants from more than 40 cities as well as 800 schools, making it the biggest nationwide on-site assessment and highest-recorded jump in participants' intake of all member countries.

What we did

We strictly followed these steps:

  • Build and deliver market entrance and expansion strategies in different provinces and cities as well as schools segments

  • Develop and monitor the entire operation system with the minimum serving capacity of 50,000 students at once

  • Lead the organization of its annual events by involving all stakeholders in the process, from policy makers to research institutes, from school leaders to teachers, and from the general public to media

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