school model design

The first and the hardest step in school creating process is School Model Design as this is the blueprint that all the next steps would have to follow. And we understand how this can take all thoughts and minds of our Clients, especially who are new to this industry. 


Blueprint Design

school creation

School creation is the very next step of School Model Design. If School Model Design focuses largely on the initial sketch and plan, School Creation emphasizes on the making to transfer the ideas into landscapes. At this point in the process, considerable investment has been poured in; therefore, thorough supervision is needed to ensure the timeline and quality of school set-up. 


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investment advisory

Vietnam is now considered as a potential emerging market, and education is one of the heated sector attracting interests of many investors ranging from individuals to both for-profit and nonprofit organization. However, the lack of local knowledge and market insights can prevent investors from maximizing their yield. 


Investment Chart
Investment Chart

school transformation & restructuring

Besides building new school systems, constantly improving the current educational organizations is many leaders’ concern. The main obstacles lie in the shortage of human resources and daily situations at school that occupies the leaders’ mind. 


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strategy & corporate finance

Besides curricula R&D, teaching-learning quality control and daily operation monitoring, our clients are continuously bothered by long – term strategy and corporate finance. How to manage school financial resources effectively and where the school is heading are the main concerns of many principals and school owners.




Education institutions in Vietnam usually face the challenge of data fragmentation. Therefore, many organizations have not been able to turn figures into favors and listen to the stories that numbers have to tell. Both school leaders and owners may miss out on market information and investment opportunities, from which innovative solutions may arise. Besides, administrative and manual work, without the power of data analytics, will lead to inefficiency in both business and education metrics.



curriculum R&D

We know that life-worthy education is beyond rote-learning. To be a trailblazer in this constantly changing era, students need a variety of assets that extend beyond standardized tests, including real-world knowledge, life-long learning skills, mindset, and characters. Unfortunately, the current trend of mass curricula has yet to tackle those diversities, limiting the growth of diverse talents and potentials.



teacher professional development

Teacher Professional Training poses new opportunities to impact learners’ achievement on a much grander scale.


Nonetheless, a considerable number of assets in terms of funding, time and human resources have been invested without gaining enduring changes due to contextual impracticality. Teachers often feel energetic about the potential changes, yet they struggle to integrate those insights into their unique case.


In the Classroom

education leadership training


Go Team

We understand that being an education leader means facing continuous challenges from long term strategies to situational problems. We highly acknowledge that solutions the leaders seek are not always technical ones, but often the leadership to empower their team and must be aligned with the organization’s mission and vision. 


quality control management system

It is universally agreed that students’ outcome is the best metrics for schools and institutes. However, defining which are the most optimal metrics can be confusing, not to mention countless procedures performed and assessed to ensure that the metrics are above the bar. A well-architected system can provide more accurate and useful information for Clients to improve and innovate their practices. 


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Operation Optimization plays a key part in sustaining and expanding businesses. Nonetheless, several firms have yet to master the art of process standardization and automation, leading to stagnation in the cross-department workflow, decision-makers getting buried in manual work or systematic human errors. By embracing standard collaboration practices, organizations would be freed from these constraints to focus more on innovative strategies.​


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Organization triumph lies upon brilliant people with shared values. Paradoxically, those defining values are likely to be diluted by high-paced growth and a large number of new recruits. Embracing leaders with high capability in management and deep-rooted values are the first steps toward cultivating sustainable growth.


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